1. How do I become a volunteer with CAAWS?

CAAWS has 9 members on its Board of Directors. The Board is responsible for policy development and oversight, for establishing long-range plans, and for assuring that the organization has the financial and other resources to carry out its mission. We seek a diverse Board in all respects including geography, ethnocultural background, ability and age.

If you’re interested in joining the Board, please send your name, contact information and a brief statement of interest to Allison Sandmeyer-Graves, Chief Operating Officer, at allison@caaws.ca or call CAAWS at 416.901.0484. We are happy to provide more information about the organization, the duties and responsibilities of our Board members.

2. How do I book a workshop for my community or event?

The first step is to determine which workshop(s) you would like to host and some potential dates; see workshop descriptions here. Once this is determined, CAAWS will contact potential facilitators to see if anyone is available to deliver; CAAWS has trained facilitators across the country to deliver our workshops. When the date, workshop topic and facilitator are confirmed, the host will be required to promote the workshop, oversee registrations and coordinate logistics (i.e. audiovisual, food and beverage, room set-up, etc.).

The cost for hosting a workshop varies, and CAAWS will do everything possible to make it affordable and accessible. General costs include facilitator travel and honorarium, room rental, food and beverage, audio-visual, etc. Depending on available funding, CAAWS can sometimes subsidize some or all of the costs.

To receive information on workshop availability and calls for host communities sign-up for the CAAWS monthly newsletter, In the Loop. Please contact caaws@caaws.ca for more information on hosting and/or pricing.

3. I’m interested in attending a workshop. Is there one coming up in my area?

CAAWS promotes the dates and locations of upcoming workshops on its website; click here for our calendar of upcoming events . If there is no workshop near you, consider hosting or co-hosting a workshop in your community. CAAWS will then work with your organization to find a trained facilitator to lead a workshop.

The cost to attend a workshop is set by the host. Some workshops are offered free of charge, while other hosts require payment of a registration fee in order to offset costs. Subsidies are always available.

4. How do I become a workshop facilitator?

CAAWS currently has more than 100 women across Canada trained to deliver CAAWS’ various workshops. To stay in the loop sign up for our monthly eNewsletter for more details on upcoming training opportunities.

5. I am an organization seeking funding to support the delivery of a program. Does CAAWS offer any grants or financial assistance?

Each year, CAAWS offers ten grants of $1000 to active girls and women and/or organizations offering sport programs targeted to girls and women. The WISE Fund is designed to help support MSO/NSO/PSO and local sport initiatives in an effort to financially assist members of the sport community in Canada. National sport and Multisport Organizations, as well as their provincial affiliates, clubs, and teams are encouraged to apply. Coaches, officials and sports administrators may also apply; CAAWS does not accept applications from individual athletes.

CAAWS sometimes offers incentive grants to organizations interested in providing sport and physical activity opportunities to girls and women. Sign up for our monthly eNewsletter to stay in the loop on future opportunities.

CAAWS has also compiled a list of other funding opportunities available for individuals and/or organizations involved in sport and physical activity across Canada; see Grants and Scholarships.

6. I would like to book an athlete for a speaking engagement. Can you help me find someone?

CAAWS does not hire and/or book athletes for speaking engagements at events or functions. However, there are a number of organizations across Canada who provide athletes for speaking engagements for schools, corporations and charities:

7. Can somebody from CAAWS come and speak at our event?

CAAWS staff and workshop facilitators are available to speak at a range of events. Please send us (caaws@caaws.ca) the details of your event including name, date of event, location, contact telephone number, email address and a description of event.

8. I’d like to make a donation to CAAWS.

As a national not-for-profit organisation CAAWS accepts financial donations (cash, cheque, visa or mastercard). For more information, please contact the CAAWS office at caaws@caaws.ca.

9. I’m a man – how can I help?

As a man, you have an important role to play in supporting the participation and leadership of girls and women in sport and physical activity. For more information, visit CAAWS’s What Men Can Do page.

10. I’m doing a school project about your organization – can you tell me more about CAAWS?

For information about our organization, review our website. If you need more detailed information and/or have further questions, please send your questions and/or request for information to CAAWS at caaws@caaws.ca.