CAAWS strives to accelerate the retention and advancement of girls and women in sport and physical activity in Canada through three key areas of focus: retaining girls aged 12-16 in sport, increasing female leadership in sport, and influencing the influencers. Our impact framework (below) illustrates how we go about achieving systemic change in these focus areas.

Impact Framework


CAAWS is taking a moment out of a busy year to present our first ever impact statement – a reflection of our commitment to tracking and sharing the difference we’ve made.

“The 2017-2018 impact statement reflects a tremendous effort to expand our reach and programming, and will become a feature of our measurement and evaluation process going forward,” said Chief Executive Officer, Allison Sandmeyer-Graves. “We’re very excited about these results and will be looking to take them even further following the direction of our strategic plan.”

CAAWS is proud to present the progress we’ve made so far and to continue this work into 2018-2019.


Download the Infographic (.pdf)