Fuelling Women Champions

CAAWS and Canada’s dairy farmers have a multi-year partnership, designed to continue to improve the state of women’s sport in Canada through the Fuelling Women Champions initiative.

Our collaboration spans a number of activities, all aimed at breaking down barriers for girls and women’s equal participation in sport. Most notably, the Women in Sport – Fuelling a Lifetime of Participation report, produced by Canada’s dairy farmers and CAAWS is shining a spotlight on the vast disparities between men and women in Canada when it comes to participation in sport for girls and women, women in leadership positions, and women’s sport in the media.

The report is a go-to source of insight for practitioners, administrators, and policy makers at all levels across Canada. It is helping to mobilize fresh concern and action on this important issue.

Key findings include

- 41% of girls between the ages of 3-17 don’t participate in sport
- 84% of adult women don’t participate in sport
- Only 38% of senior staff in national and/or multi-sport organizations are women
- In 2014, only 4% of sports programming on Canada’s national sports networks featured women’s sport

Read the report:
Download: Research publication summary
Download: Research publication
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