Breakthrough Award

About the Breakthrough Award

There have been tremendous strides in bringing gender equity to the forefront of sports and physical activity in Canada over the past few decades.

Through the years, CAAWS has celebrated many outstanding achievements and recognized the contributions that ‘break through’ the traditional limits and pave the way for girls and women to participate at every level.

We are currently re-evaluating this award structure. Please sign up to our e-news to receive updates on this award and read on for other awards program offerings to help shine a spotlight on women who make an impact in sport and physical activity.


There are still many other opportunities to recognize and honour women leaders whose accomplishments have pushed the limits and enhanced the participation of girls and women in sport and physical activity, including but not limited to:

  • Y Women of Distinction Awards – Since 1994, the Y Women of Distinction Awards have recognized women who inspire us through their work in various communities across Canada. These awards celebrate the visionaries of the past, the courageous women who change the way we live today, and the young women who shape our tomorrow.
  • Provincial/Territorial Sport and/or Recognition Awards – Many provincial/territorial organizations have established a provincial award program to honour and promote the achievements of individuals who have contributed to the development of sport and physical activity within their province.


The Breakthrough Awards were established by CAAWS in 1986 to recognize exceptional accomplishments that ‘break through’ traditional limits and pave the way for girls and women to participate.
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