2010 WISE Fund Recipients

Tennis BC – Vancouver, British Columbia
Category: Organization
Sport: Tennis
Supported by: Tennis Canada

Tennis BC has created Groovy Girlz, a summer and spring tennis camp for girls aged 7-10. These all female camps are designed to promote female participation in the sport, with a focus on team work and fair play. The WISE Fund will remove barriers of cost by providing the activities at no cost, and offering participants access to quality equipment and a t-shirt they can take away as a way to remember their time at the camp. The camps will be delivered by female certified coaches, ensuring the highest quality of instruction for aspiring young players.



Ringette Saskatchewan – Regina, Saskatchewan
Category: Organization
Sport: Ringette
Supported by: Ringette Canada

Ringette Saskatchewan has been working with local ringette associations for the past two seasons in their “Come Try Ringette” program. The program offers girls the opportunity to come try the sport free of charge and with absolutely no obligations. Meanwhile, parents are invited to view a presentation of “what ringette is”. Since starting this program, Ringette Saskatchewan has seen an increase in the number of girls playing the sport, including approximately 75% of the Come Try Ringette participants. The WISE Fund will be used to offset the cost of ice rental and to purchase equipment for the Come Try Ringette programs across the province.


Inferno Wheelchair Basketball Society – St. Albert, Alberta
Category: Organization
Sport: Wheelchair Basketball
Supported by: Wheelchair Basketball Canada

Formed in 2002, the Inferno Wheelchair Basketball Society has been working towards increasing the profile of and ultimately, the participation in women’s wheelchair basketball in the greater Edmonton area. Through educational workshops and developmental clinics, the society hopes to attract a broad range of female participants from ages 4-22 who have specifically been affected by spinal cord injuries. With its six consecutive Canadian Women’s National Championships, its staff provides leadership and guidance. The WISE Fund will be used to offset the costs of gymnasium time, coaching honorariums, and promotional materials.


Dartmouth Crusaders Swim Club – Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Category: Organization
Sport: Swimming
Supported by: Swimming Canada

Dartmouth Crusaders Swim Club is enhancing two of their coaches’ professional experience and confidence. By sending their staff to the 2010 National Swim Coaches Conference, they will gain knowledge on coaching issues and concepts pertaining to age group, national and international competitions. These coaches will have the chance to meet other coaches in similar situations, and further build their network of contacts across the country. The WISE Fund will be used to cover the cost of registration and accommodation for two coaches who are attending the conference. In the end, it will enable the team to support additional coaches and gain first-hand experience.


Yukon Gymnastics Association – Whitehorse, Yukon
Category: Organization
Sport: Gymnastics
Supported by: Gymnastics Canada

The Yukon Gymnastics Association has found a way to better use their funds in the long-term. The WISE Fund will cover the costs of sending a coach from the Yukon to become a gymnastics facilitator. By doing this, the new facilitator will be able to provide the training to others who wish to get certified themselves without having to incur the immense cost of traveling out of province. She will be able to travel to communities and put on clinics to encourage clubs and kids to get involved in gymnastics. Having a facilitator in the Yukon will help keep the Yukon Gymnastics Association up-to-date and ready to actively engage its community.


Argonaut Rowing Club – Toronto, Ontario
Category: Organization
Sport: Rowing
Supported by: Rowing Canada

Though the Argonaut Rowing Club is the second oldest rowing club in Canada, it has only been offering competitive and recreational programs to women since 1980. To continue involving women in the club, it will be using the WISE Fund to hold a cost-free information session entitled “Is Coaching For You.” At this presentation, a respected female rowing coach will be present and able to talk about their experience. Those who choose to pursue a role in coaching will also benefit from the fund, as it will subsidize the cost of the coach training course and materials. This event will create a new opportunities for women to get involved and give back to the community by providing positive role models.


Adrenaline Divas Snowboard Club – Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
Category: Organization
Sport: Snowboarding
Supported by: Canada Snowboard

Adrenaline Divas Snowboard Club is one of the largest girls only snowboarding club in Canada, providing snowboarding clinics, camps and contests to Atlantic Canada. The WISE Fund will offset the costs of the professional certification course for those identified as leaders in the club. Once trained, the coaches will be equipped to be leaders in their individual communities and able to hold clinics at a local level. Leaders will also be provided with a manual with information on how to run a girls only clinic and how to promote it successfully.



Team Canada Women’s Volleyball Centre – Winnipeg, Manitoba
Category: Organization
Sport: Volleyball
Supported by: Volleyball Canada

Team Canada Women’s Volleyball Centre has teamed up with Big Sisters of Winnipeg to run a volleyball clinic for 20-25 young women. Here, they will have the chance to learn the ins and outs of volleyball, get to meet and talk to some of Canada’s best volleyball players, and leave with a sense of confidence. The WISE Fund will be used to host the initial clinic, offering participants a t-shirt, a volleyball and quality gym space. Lunch will also be provided after the clinic, giving the girls a chance to mingle with the players and ask them questions they may have about how they got to where they are.


Fredericton Curling Club – Fredericton, New Brunswick
Category: Organization
Sport: Curling
Supported by: Canadian Curling Association

When the home of the Fredericton Curling Club was put into question in the summer of 2007, it seemed as though the club may have to cease to exist. However, by the fall of that same year they found a new home in a local hockey arena. Despite the obstacles they faced, the club continues to build on its current number of female members. To even further increase their membership, the WISE Fund will help support their efforts to recruit more women over the age of 21 to participate in a competitive ladies curling league. Working with experienced coaches, curlers will get the chance to learn how to improve their skills. The fund will also aid in the purchase of equipment to maintain quality ice conditions for the players.


Jo Anne Mallay-Jones – Creston North Marystown, Newfoundland
Category: Coach/Official/Sport Administrator
Sport: Soccer
Supported by: The Canadian Soccer Association

President and coach of the Creston North Marystown Soccer Association Jo Anne Mallay-Jones is determined to get young girls involved in soccer. By creating a developmental soccer camp designed specifically for girls aged 6-9, Jo Anne hopes to teach the girls about the sport while increasing their self-esteem, team building skills and self-empowerment. The camp also involves parents and caregivers through monthly challenges. Participants who complete the challenges will be awarded a badge that they can proudly display on their jerseys. Through the use of the WISE Fund, the cost of the badges and jerseys labelled with “Play like a girl” will be offered to the each girl. Jo Anne is confident that some of her teen girl participants will serve as great role models and coaches to the younger budding stars.


Marie-Ève Mc Millan – Lorraine, Quebec
Category: Coach/Official/Sport Administrator
Sport: Snowboarding
Supported by: Canada Snowboard

In partnership with Mont-Habitant, Marie-Ève created a program aimed at the development and performance of female snowboarders entitled “ELLE planche”. The program consists of a 4-hour session, once a week, over the course of 10 weeks where young women will learn several snowboarding disciplines and techniques. Whether participants want to train to further compete, or prefer to keep the sport fun, “ELLE planche” is able to accommodate. The WISE Fund will primarily be used to spread the word about the program to create buzz and encourage more young women to get active in their snowboarding community. Through events such as clinics and friendly competition, Marie-Ève’s program will bring girls together who share the same passion: snowboarding.


Coaldale Fish & Game Air Gun Club – Lethbridge, Alberta
Category: Organization
Sport: Rifle Shooting
Supported by: Shooting Federation of Canada

The newly created Coaldale Fish & Game Air Gun Club is introducing a focus on female shooters. It provides girls, who may not otherwise fit into the typical sports, the opportunity to excel while still being active. The program is designed so that participants must work with a parent or caregiver as to further embody the shooting culture in rural Alberta. The WISE Fund will focus on promoting the club’s new programming for girls and women, as well as help support clinics intended for girls and women. To start the program up, the fund will also cover the cost of targets, pellets, gloves, and ear plugs for the clinics. All in all, this program will help girls and women gain a sense of self-efficacy.