2013 WISE Fund Recipients

Cycling BC – Vancouver, BC
Sport: Cycling
Supported by: Cycling Canada

Increasing participation numbers and leadership roles for women is a priority for Cycling BC. As a strategy to support the outcome of closing gender parity in the ranks of performance coaches over the next three years, Cycling BC is accepting applications from candidates to enter a program supporting women as coaches of developing high-performance cycling athletes. The aims are: To promote and highlight the role women can take in performance cycling sports; To create a clear pathway for women to chose performance coaching as an occupation; and To provide increased opportunities for women to gain training and experience as performance cycling coaches. With the WISE Funds the Women in Coaching program will enroll two new candidates each year starting with the first cycle in fall 2012. Funds will be used to support professional development and NCCP certification for the candidates. Specifically, funding will support coaches to complete NCCP training in the six Multisport Competition-Development modules within the first year of enrolment. Participants in the Women in Coaching program are selected for their potential as future coaches of BC athletes transitioning into high performance cycling sports. Participants in the program must be available to take on lead roles in planning and managing projects leading up to national multisport games.

Club de patinage artistique de Verdun – Verdun, QC
Sport: Figure Skating
Supported by: Skate Canada

The Verdun Figure Skating Club has been struggling to keep young women involved in the sport due to the cost and time commitments; many young women in their club are struggling to balance finding a job with school and skating. With the WISE Fund they will provide level 1 coach training to young women within their club who will then be hired as coaches for the Skating Plus classes. This will allow these young women to continue skating as club members as they will receive a salary from coaching which means they will not have to find another job taking them away from skating and it provides them with the training to continue to stay involved with the sport once their athletic careers come to an end. These young women will act as mentors to the girls in the club.

Fédération Québécoise de boxe olympique – Montreal, QC
Sport: Boxing
Supported by: Canadian Amateur Boxing Association

The Quebec Olympic Boxing Federation is aiming to increase its female participation, particularly from ages 8 to 16. They currently have programs being offered in elementary and secondary schools to introduce girls to the sport; these sessions are coached by women coaches. The WISE Fund will be used to create a standard curriculum for these introductory sessions and pilot the new document in a selected school; this includes creating the resource, a boxing guide for clients and equipment purchase to deliver the sessions.



Jocelyne Mc Lean – Gatineau, QC
Sport: Para-swimming
Supported by: Swimming Canada

Jocelyne Mc Lean is a level 5 official with Swimming Canada and the Quebec Swimming Federation. In 2004, a swimmer with a handicap joined her club, motivating Jocelyne to learn more about para-swimming. In 2007 Ms Mc Lean was certified by the International Paralympic Committee as an international technical official. Since 2010, Jocelyne is a member of the para-swimming technical committee and training facilitator with Swimming Canada who work to train, assist and inform para-swimming officials across the country. The WISE Fund will be used to help Ms Mc Lean travel to events where there will be para-swimmers competing.


Judo Alberta – Calgary, AB
Sport: Judo
Supported by: Judo Canada

Annually, for the past 11 years, Judo Alberta has hosted an all female training camp and sleep over for girls of all ages as long as they are members of a judo association. Judo is a male dominated sport and they find they lose a lot of girls during the teenage years so this camp is to have girls make friends and want to stay in the sport for life, not only as competitors but as coaches, volunteers, or just recreational. In 2012, Judo Alberta has over 70 females participate in the camp from age 7 to 50 and they aim to have a higher participation this year. The funds from this grant would help in off setting the price of the camp; including facility rental, inviting a former national team athlete to teach and inspire and to keep participation fees to a minimum.

Lappe Nordic Women on Skis – Thunder Bay, ON
Sport: Cross Country Skiing
Supported by: Cross Country Canada

Since 2011 Lappe Nordic Ski Club hosts an annual ‘learn to ski’ day called Women on Skis. Within Thunder Bay, Lappe Nordic Women on Skis addresses a gap in services; most women’s days in the area are geared towards keeping girls in sport, competition up to the age of 19. There is nothing geared for those ladies 25+ who want to ski for fun and health, with many of our participants being 35+. Their approach of Women organizers, instructors and motivational speakers creates a very comfortable and encouraging environment for ladies to try something new without fear. This is a full day event with morning and afternoon sessions on snow with beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons available. They also provide lunch, a motivational/educational talk, a wax clinic and follow up the day with stretching. Rentals are available and arranged through the club. Lappe Nordic invites all women over the age of 15 to come out and learn how to ski or improve their skill set. With the WISE Fund Lappe Nordic will increase the cap on registration, arrange for ski rentals, rent the facility including day pass access for all participants, provide lunch, waxing and event apparel. The funds will also assist in event promotion, increase childcare availability and provide the leaders with identifiable attire.

Lower Mainland Ringette Association – Metro Vancouver, BC
Sport: Ringette
Supported by: Ringette Canada

Lower Mainland Ringette Association is seeking to support the development of their officials. While they do a great job in recruiting officials they have noticed that most officials are unable to develop sufficiently to progress to officiating senior level games; this results in a high turn over of officials and has led to a critical shortage. The WISE Fund would be used to develop and run a technical skating clinic, a watch and learn clinic for levels 1 through 3, certify Mentor Community Evaluators, create a training and mentoring guide for local Referee-in-Chiefs and provide dedicated evaluators at tournaments. The Association also intends to document the sessions to support other areas of the province. These on-line resources and locally offered programs will ensure their officials can progress past the beginner levels making their senior leagues more sustainable.

Oakville Girls Softball Association – Oakville, ON
Sport: Softball
Supported by: Softball Canada

The Oakville Girls Softball Association is an all-female community sport program that has been providing female-centric sport and leadership development opportunities since 1995 for girls aged 4 – 20. They continually focus on advancing our athletes, youth mentors, junior umpires and adult coaches. With the WISE Fund OGSA would develop and host a junior umpire development program to prepare and provide female junior umpires with leadership opportunities Through the development of the Junior Umpire Program OGSA will provide free certification training for young/team girls, imparting respect and encouraging fair play by abiding by the rules which govern them, in the true spirit of sportsmanship.

Ontario Basketball – Toronto, ON
Sport: Basketball
Supported by: Canada Basketball

Ontario Basketball created the Mega Hoops program; a community basketball program with the objective of increasing participation and teaching fundamental movement and basketball skills to youth across the province. The curriculum is aligned with the Long Term Athlete Development and Canadian Sport for Life principles and uses age-appropriate games and skill-development exercises to build physical literacy. Mega Hoops is typically run in schools and community centers as a 3-hour clinic for youth ages 6-12. Girls and young women currently represent only 40% of the total number of youth who participate in this program. In September, Ontario Basketball piloted an all-girls Mega Hoops clinic in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario. Over 40 girls participated in the event, half of which reported not previously being associated with an OBA club or team. The clinic was lead by 5 former Varsity female basketball players. OBA would like to use the WISE fund to build on this success and offer 5 subsidized all-girls Mega Hoops clinics to reach over 200 girls across the city of Toronto. The goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment for girls to develop their skills and confidence, and to connect them with other basketball programs in their community so that they may continue to grow and enjoy the sport.

Okotoks Minor Ball Association – Okotoks, AB
Sport: Softball
Supported by: Softball Canada

Okotoks Minor Ball Association is divided into two sides, baseball and softball. While baseball continues to grow rather quickly, the softball side often gets overshadowed with a focus on the boys inside the organization. Okotoks Minor Ball Association would like to start emphasizing the importance of softball, the girls that are currently playing and the girls that could be involved. With the WISE Fund they would like to hold three open house sessions in the world class training facility, home of the WMBL Okotoks Dawgs. These sessions would be free to anyone interested in coming and experiencing softball for the first time and to those looking to gain more experience. The Dawgs coaches would be hired to provide a skilled and high quality experience for the girls so that their excitement for the sport of softball would continue to grow for the upcoming season commencing in May 2013.

Rugby Nova Scotia – Halifax, NS
Sport: Rugby
Supported by: Rugby Canada

Rugby Nova Scotia has identified a disconnect between high school athletes and the provincial association. The WISE Fund would be used to deliver high school clinics across the four Regions in Nova Scotia – Truro, Valley, Cape Breton and HRM. The skills clinic would be offered to girls only. The U18, U20 and Senior provincial coaching staff along with regional volunteers will run these skills sessions. The skills that would be focused on are tackling, passing, rucking, kicking and scrummaging. The opportunity to work with these athletes will strengthen the disconnect which in turn will help rugby, retain female athletes and provide a pathway for further development. This retention will align with the LTRD/LTAD models and increased participation through better relationships will increase opportunities for women to become involved in all areas of the sport.

Sheena Tremblay – Yellowknife, NWT
Sport: Cross Country Skiing
Supported by: Cross Country Canada

Sheena Tremblay is currently the volunteer female coach of the Yellowknife and NWT High Performance Cross Country Ski Teams. Coaching these teams involves developing year-long training plans for the skiers, running regular training sessions throughout the year, coaching at numerous Territorial, Provincial and National events, organizing the travel to these events and more. Sheena is the highest trained active female ski coach (CCI – Advanced or Train to Train context) in the NWT. She has coached the NWT Ski Team at 2 Arctic Winter Games (AWG) and 1 Canada Winter Games (CWG).
Sheena will use the WISE Fund grant to cover the costs of acquiring professional certification. In spring 2013, Sheena will start her Competition Coaching Development (CCD) training. Having Sheena attain the Competition Development level of certification is critical for the NWT Ski Division to send female athletes to Canada Winter Games in 2015 as this is now a mandatory certification for Canada Games coaches. Having a female coach work with the teen aged skiers is crucial to the participation of young girls in skiing in the NWT.