Equity in Coaching

Increasing Gender Equity in Coaching 

Women are still under-represented in coaching in Canada. As recently as 2016, women made up only 16% of head coaches and 18% of assistant coaches across 54 Canadian national teams (both men & women).

Equity in Coaching is a collaborative project between CAAWS and the Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) designed to help sport organizations address this gap.

Does your organization work with or employ coaches? We want to hear from you! The Equity in Coaching Survey will be open until October 4. Submit your response here. 

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CAAWS and CAC will work directly with National Sport Organizations (NSOs) to increase their capacity to recruit, retain, and advance women in coaching.

In order to achieve this goal, CAAWS and CAC will:

  • Collect data via a system-wide LANDSCAPE SURVEY that will assess current organizational awareness of best practices to recruit, retrain, and advance women in coaching;
  • Support 15 NSOs through TRAINING and ongoing CONSULTATION to increase their capacity to achieve coaching equity within their organization;
  • Turn the most relevant insights and best practices from the survey and training program into a PRACTICAL RESOURCE for the Canadian sport system.

The landscape survey will be launched in September 2019, with the training program starting in January 2020 and the resource available in 2021.

Check back here and on the CAAWS News page for updates!

For more resources on women and coaching, visit http://coach.ca/women-in-coaching-s16529.

CAAWS is grateful to the Coaching Association of Canada and to Sport Canada for their support and collaboration on this project.


Female Coach Mentorship Model

Mentorship is a key strategy used across sectors to support women in overcoming barriers and achieving their career goals. Together with the Coaching Association of Canada, CAAWS offers the Female Coach Mentorship Model to encourage and support female coaches within Canadian sport.

This pragmatic, turnkey tool provides a step-by-step approach for the mentor and the mentee. The result is effective and sustainable mentorship that produces tangible benefits. The model also offers guidance for sport administrators to support them in setting up and managing a mentorship initiative to advance female coaches in their sport.

The model is:

  • Based on theory and supported by evidence
  • Proven effective in year-long pilots conducted by four National Sport Organizations
  • Formally evaluated by the University of Toronto
  • Practical and actionable
  • Readily adaptable for different contexts and applications
  • Free for download!

Visit www.coach.ca/women-in-coaching to download your copy of the resources

CAAWS and the CAC are grateful to the expert advisors who guided the development of the Female Coach Mentorship Model, to the University of Toronto, and to Basketball Canada, Hockey Canada, Tennis Canada and Wrestling Canada for partnering on this project. The Female Coach Mentorship Model was made possible with funding from Status of Women Canada.


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