Women & Leadership Facilitators

Delivery Partners and Facilitators

Please contact CAAWS, our workshop facilitators or our delivery partners about hosting a workshop for your organization or community, or at an upcoming event.

Women & Leadership Program –

2016 Facilitator Contact List

First Name Last Name Partner Organization
Emily Blouin ViaSport
Jill Brewer Sport NL
Isabelle Cayer Coaching Association of Canada
Shelley Coolidge Hockey Canada
Natalie d’Entremont NS Dept Health and Wellness
Michelle Dezell CAAWS / Sask Sport Inc
Nora Dickson NS Dept Health and Wellness
Cari Din Alberta Sport Connection
Wendy Dobbin Canadian Sport Institute Ontario
Ann Dodge NS Dept Health and Wellness
Meaghan Donahue Wies Coach NB
Megan Foster (Svistovski) Skate Canada Manitoba
Gabrielle Gallagher NS Dept Health and Wellness
Carolyn Gillespie ViaSport
Rae Gunn NS Dept Health and Wellness
Jodi Hawley ViaSport
Sue Holloway CAAWS
Patricia Howes Ontario Fencing, Canada Fencing
Megan Hunder ViaSport
Lucinda Jagger ViaSport
Stephanie Knickle Sport PEI
Kristina Macdonald ViaSport
Anna Mees CAAWS
Karen Melnyk CAAWS
Carla Nicholls Athletics Canada
Lea Norris Alberta Sport Connection
Niki Remesz ViaSport
Shawnee Scatliff Sport MB
Irene Schell CAAWS / ProMOTION Plus
Sue Schmidt Sask Sport Inc
Stéphanie Simard Egale Action
Joanne Stygall Lotz ProMOTION Plus
Shauna Taylor ViaSport
Donna White NS Dept Health and Wellness
Lainie Wintrup NS Dept Health and Wellness