Healthy Connections with Racialized Girls Workshop Facilitators

The following individuals have been trained to deliver CAAWS’ Healthy Connections with Racialized Girls Workshop, and are committed champions to increasing opportunities for girls and young women to participate in sport and physical activity.

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Facilitator Biographies

Stacey Alpous (Ottawa, ON) completed her Bachelor of Science with specialization in Human Kinetics from the University of Ottawa in April 2011. Interested in pursuing the practical side of physical activity and health, Stacey went on to complete her Master of Human Kinetics with concentration in Intervention and Consultation, also from the University of Ottawa. During her internship, Stacey offered physical activity counselling to children with physical activity restrictions and worked with a number of athletes offering mental training. Stacey now works as a research assistant at the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario with the Healthy Activity Living and Obesity Research team. She also continues to with athletes in the Ottawa-area offering mental training in the form of team workshops or individual sessions. Stacey stays active by participating in hockey, soccer, biking, and yoga.

Tara Colton (Georgetown, ON) a Fitness Consultant with the City of Mississauga, has been actively engaged with sport, recreation and fitness in numerous ways throughout her life, it is her passion. Working in educational and recreational settings for the past 7 years, her experiences with the youth health crisis has been bittersweet. The triumphs and lasting impact activity has on our youth is well worth the challenges. Engaging and empowering adolescents to challenge their sedentary ways, is her mission.

Sophia Giaccone (Ottawa, ON) is currently finishing her last year of a Bachelor of Science at the University of Ottawa with a specialization in Human Kinetics. She works as a program leader at Dovercourt Recreation Association in Ottawa. Sophia is passionate about sport, physical activity and healthy living and is making it her mission to mobilize and motivate others in creative ways to live active lives within their communities. Sophia wishes to further her involvement in this area by becoming a physical and outdoor education teacher after completing her undergrad.

Meaghan Griffin (Toronto, ON) is a Project Manager at SPORT4ONTARIO. One of Meaghan's tasks is the SPORT4ALL project, focused on increasing the engagement of diverse populations in sport. Her academic background in International Development Studies at the University of Guelph allowed her to deepen her understanding of the challenges faced by marginalized communities and the intersectionality of barriers faced by racialized women in particular. Meaghan is passionate about confronting these issues and further examining and exploring the ways that these barriers prevent racialized women and girls from leading healthy and active lifestyles.

Geena Lee (Etobicoke, ON), Outreach Specialist and Youth Leadership Advisor for the YMCA Rexdale Youth Resource Centre, has 5 years of experience facilitating programming for racialized youth from marginalized communities within the Greater Toronto Area. Geena has a passion for youth engagement, with a special interest in supporting girls and young women of colour in achieving their fullest potential. As co-founder of the D.I.V.A. (Diversity in Video, Audio & Arts) program, Geena is a firm believer in the importance of creating safe and inclusive spaces that allow for the recognition, accommodation and celebration of cultural and physical differences.

Courtney Pitre-Spevak (London, ON) founder of Learn 2 Unlearn has been rooted in grassroots advocacy through various projects such as the Niagara Women's Recreational Hockey League, Rainbow Youth Niagara and the HBT Group of London. Courtney's focus to date has been to connect with community partners and students to educate and re-educate about stereotypes, underlying inequalities and to reduce discrimination for diverse populations. An avid athlete, Courtney is excited to bridge together two of her strongest passions - athletics and advocacy. Courtney looks forward to facilitating the crucial information contained in the Making Healthy Connections for Racialized Community report and ensuring racialized girls have a voice in our communities.

Sabrina Razack (Toronto ON) is a teacher, personal trainer, coach, athlete, academic and mother. She is currently the Manager of Community Outreach with the TO2015 Organizing Committee, through which she hopes to connect organizations and promote healthy living initiatives. Sabrina is also the creator of an organization called Educators for Social Change, which, in addition to publishing newsletters regarding current social justice issues, has established a mentorship program for young racialized women. As a scholar and sport sociologist, Sabrina is fascinated by the intersections of race, gender, class and culture.

Susanna Tang (Toronto, ON) is currently a Project Manager at SPORT4ONTARIO exploring ways to increase the participation of Chinese, South Asian and Aboriginal youth in sport. Her past experience as a youth worker and educator involved engaging young people in community development work at the local, national and global level. A firm believer in the capacity of youth to create positive change, she has been instrumental in overseeing youth-led projects such as computer training for seniors, homework help for middle school students, and peer mentoring for newcomers to Canada. In collaboration with CAAWS, Susanna established a program for newcomer girls that encouraged healthy living and physical activity.

Li-Ann Yapp (Toronto, ON) is an enthusiastic and passionate young woman dedicated to increasing physical activity opportunities for youth. She is currently employed at Parachute, a national injury prevention organization, developing programs to educate children on the importance of keeping safe during sport and physical activity. She has an undergraduate degree in Physical Education and Health, and enjoys volleyball, running, and triathlons.

Laili Yazdani (Ottawa, ON) is a M.A. Conflict Studies candidate, with over ten years work experience in the criminal justice and social service fields. She has 6 years experience working with high-risk youth in situations of homelessness, and youth involved in the criminal justice process. Laili has worked with youth in Ottawa and two arctic territories, and has internship and volunteer experience in Nepal, India, and Ghana. Laili is dedicated to improving access to healthy opportunities for youth by empowering youth leadership and community engagement.


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