Newcomer Girls and Women

Supporting Inclusion of Newcomer Girls and Women

Sport and physical activity build community and belonging, but those who can most benefit from inclusion are often not well-understood or supported to participate. Research shows that newcomer girls and women are the most underrepresented population in the Canadian sport and physical activity system.


According to information gathered by Stats Canada, the growing numbers of newcomer girls and women across the nation projects this gap in sport participation will only increase in time:


Find more research and Stats Canada data below.

That’s why CAAWS is helping build the capacity of sport, physical activity and recreation providers to better engage and meet the unique needs of newcomer girls and women, so that they can be empowered within and through sport and physical activity in building their new life in Canada.

Building on past work by CAAWS on this topic, CAAWS is delivering a new three-year project focused on building capacity for inclusion.

Grassroots initiatives are the backbone of this program. CAAWS selected 20 community partners across the country through an application process to develop, implement, and evaluate new projects aimed at engaging newcomer girls and women. Each partner will be implementing a minimum of 2 healthy living initiatives per year from 2018-2020. The learnings and promising practices from these initiatives will be shared by CAAWS throughout the project so that others can benefit from the insights.

CAAWS is grateful for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada’s support of this initiative.

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Project Resources Developed:

Supporting Settlement through Healthy Living Programs for Newcomer Girls and Women:

Focus Group Summary (.pdf)
Workshop Presentation (.pdf)
Community Asset Building Exercise  (.pdf)

Additional CAAWS Resources:

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Making Healthy Connections with Racialized Communities

Girls and Young Women’s Experiences with Sport, Physical Activity, and Healthy Living (.pdf)


Also check out Sport for Life’s new resource “Sport For Life For All Newcomers to Canada: Creating Inclusion of Newcomers in Sport and Physical Activity”!

Statistics Canada Data:

Female Immigrant Populations Trends and Projections – 1911 to 2031 (.pdf)

Female Immigrant Population 2001 – 2016

Female Immigrant Population Breakdown by Age 2011 – 2016  (.pdf)

Female Immigrant Population by Country of Birth 2001 – 2016