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CAAWS is proud to be working with Status of Women Canada, Ontario Soccer, and Ontario Basketball to make tangible improvements in the retention and promotion of girls and women within and through sport, in Ontario and beyond.

As part of the Canada 150 anniversary celebrations, CAAWS was funded for a three-year project focused on helping sport organizations increase the participation of women and girls as athletes and leaders by developing and testing new tools and resources that meet the needs and reflect the priorities of sport organizations.

“The project is an ideal opportunity for PSOs to examine and deconstruct how our current institutional practices may be unintentionally contributing to barriers for women and girls to participate in our sports.”Jason Jansson, Ontario Basketball Executive Director

This project aligns with the Ontario Government’s newly developed action plan—Advancing Opportunities for Women and Girls in Sport—and is timely for developing competency within the Ontario sport system and beyond to deliver real value for women and for sport.

Project details

There are three key components to the project, to be completed by March 2020. CAAWS and its partners will be:

  • assessing institutional and systemic barriers for women and girls in sport through a survey of Ontario Provincial Sport Organizations (PSOs) and a sample of local sport organizations
  • using this insight to inform the development of new pragmatic tools for sport organizations at all levels to support their efforts to advance equity and inclusion of girls and women
  • testing the tools with local pilot partners and refining them based on their feedback, before sharing them with the Canadian sport system

“Ontario Soccer is proud to be a partner with this CAAWS initiative. It will have a lasting impact for women and girls in soccer in Ontario”Khanh Be, Ontario Soccer Manager, Marketing.

National Conversation on Gender Equality

Three representatives from the project will also be participating in the Gender Equality Network Canada (GENC), a pan-Canadian network of female leaders that will meet five times over the course of the three-year project to share results.

These representatives are: Lindsay Walsh, Director, Basketball Development at Ontario Basketball; Khanh Be, Marketing Manager at Ontario Soccer; and, Shelley Callaghan, Project Manager, CAAWS.

For more information, contact Shelley Callaghan, Project Manager.

CAAWS is grateful for the support of Status of Women Canada for this project.