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newcomerMothers_coverEngNewcomer Mothers – Sharing Their Thoughts about Physical Activity
Newcomer Mothers: We are new to Canada, new to Canadian culture and excited to become actively engaged in our communities. We bring with us our traditions, our beliefs and our experiences. With family far away, we are often very much alone and lack support networks. We want to be active and healthy but find the transitions we are going through challenging.

Many of us are at home caring for our families, some are learning English through ESL programs while others are working or in school full or part-time…
Download Newcomer Mothers – Sharing Their Thoughts about Physical Activity (.pdf)


OTM_Aboriginal_AS_Success_cActive After School Programs for Girls and Young Women – Success Stories from Five Friendship Centres

In 2010-2012, CAAWS partnered with the National Association of Friendship Centres and five member Centres to support the development and delivery of active after school programs for Aboriginal girls and young women. This document provides an overview with key learnings from each site to support the creation of similar programs at Friendship Centres and other active after school program provides across Canada. Download PDF (443 KB)
This resource is part of CAAWS’ involvement in the Canadian Active After School Partnership (CAASP), funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada.


Active After School Programs for Girls and Young Women – Policy and Recommendations

cover-110The after school time period, from 3:00pm – 6:00pm, is a key opportunity to encourage healthy choices amongst children and youth. Earlier this year, CAAWS hosted consultations with program providers and decision-makers to identify persisting and emerging barriers to girls’ and young women’s participation, and discuss essential components of quality programs. Based on the consultations, the document describes a vision and strategic directions for active after school programs for girls and young women. The policy was developed for community, provincial/territorial and national level organizations to use when considering the design and delivery of active after school programming.
The consultations and subsequent policy document are part of CAAWS’ involvement in the Canadian Active After School Partnership (CAASP), funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Click here to download the pdf.


Actively Engaging Women and Girls: Addressing the Psycho-Social Factors

is a new resource designed to increase opportunities for women and girls as both participants and leaders in the Canadian sport and physical activity system. The publication is a supplement to the Canadian Sport for Life (CS4L) foundation document, and complements other Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) resources. A valuable resource for everyone involved in sport and physical activity, it will support and guide those working with women and girls so they engage in, and maintain, healthy and active lifestyles. THE RESOURCE IS AVAILABLE ONLINE AT:


Women on Boards: A Guide to Getting Involved
cover_womenon-boardsWomen, through participation on governing boards and in senior roles of organizations, have a significant impact on sport in Canada from the grassroots level to elite international competitions. However, women are often underrepresented in leadership at the board level, leaving a void in discussions, perspectives and decision-making.
CAAWS is dedicated to encouraging girls and women to both participate and lead in sport and physical activity. Women on Boards: A Guide to Getting Involved, produced by CAAWS in partnership with 2010 Legacies Now, provides both organizations and women who are interested in serving on boards, with practical resources to ensure strong representation and leadership from women at the board level. Click here to download the entire guide (3 MB, 72 pages) or Click here to download by section.



Seeing the Invisible, Speaking about the Unspoken
A Position Paper On Homophobia in Sport 
In keeping with its mandate to increase the participation of women and girls in sport and physical activity, CAAWS has recently prepared a position paper on homophobia in sport. Homophobia – or the fear and hatred of homosexuals – is often an obstacle to participation in sport among all groups: women and men, young and old, homosexual and heterosexual. In particular, many girls and women shy away from sport out of fear they will be perceived as lesbians. Click here to download a FREE pdf of the position paper (162 KB, 11 pages). Click here to download a pdf of this executive summary (179 KB, 2 pages).



media_guide_cover2Making the Most of Your Opportunities: A Media Guide for Athletes and Their Coaches
Feel comfortable, in control and confident in your dealings with the media. CAAWS has a great resource that provides practical tips and checklists for athletes and coaches!

Both online and mainstream media are effective tools to raise your profile and communicate effectively. Making the Most of Your Opportunities: A Media Guide for Athletes and Their Coaches, was originally released by CAAWS in 1998. It has been updated and revised to reflect today’s multi-media and online world. Minor editorial changes have also been made throughout the document to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the content. Click here to download the entire guide (1.14 MB, 84 pages) or click here to download by chapter.




Trail Considerations for Engaging Girls and Women – Free Download from CAAWS
Women want to use running and walking trails in their communities, but there are some things to think through when creating a trail, or updating an existing one that will appeal to females of all ages.
CAAWS has compiled a number of items to consider, starting with policy and program details, through to design, promotion, language and signage.Click here for a free PDF (218 KB, 3 pages) of this publication.





Success Stories – Free Download from CAAWS
Success Stories – Increasing Opportunities for Girls and Women in National and Multi-Sport Organizations is now available in either a downloadable or printed format. Success Stories provides a sampling of the many programs, projects and strategies from National and Multi-Sport Organizations that have been successful in encouraging opportunities for girls and women in sport. Click here for a free PDF (905 KB, 25 pages) of this publication. Printed copies are available from the CAAWS national office.





Disordered Eating in Sport: Taking a new direction – Free Download from CAAWS
Many active girls and women fall into disordered eating habits due to lack of education and many women with eating disorders delay effective treatment due to myths and fears that hold them back from recovering a healthy weight. Click here for a free PDF (54 KB, 4 pages) of this important publication.






Self-Esteem, Sport and Physical Activity – Free Download from CAAWS
The younger years in a child’s life are critical for producing positive self-esteem and may be influenced by personality, parenting techniques and role modelling. Coaches, physical education teachers and active living leaders can positively influence self-esteem and provide girls and women with ongoing incentive to participate and personally succeed in physical activity endeavours. Click here for a free PDF (52 KB, 4 pages), complete with check lists, to help build self-esteem in girls and young women.





Positive Messaging for Girls and Young Women – Free Download from CAAWS
While some girls and women excel at sport and physical activity, others face barriers to their participation, including inadequate opportunities to participate and develop their skills, little support and encouragement from parents, teachers and coaches, and a lack of positive role models. Making a difference in the lives of girls and young women can be easy – click herefor a free PDF (36 KB, 2 pages) with five ways you can encourage girls and young women in a positive, productive way.





Photo CD

Are you looking for images of girls and women participating in sport and physical activity? Images that show different abilities, different cultures, races and people of all shapes and sizes? Images that cover a variety of activities including winter, summer, extreme sports, team and individual? Photos of older women, young women, pregnant women and children?

Click here for CAAWS’ new photo CD which offers 55 colour images suitable for non-commercial use in brochures, flyers or newsletters. (PDF 43 KB)





On the Move Handbook 
The ON THE MOVE Handbook is a user-friendly resource designed as a practical guide for programmers, teachers, coaches, volunteers, and parents or guardians interested in creating a female-only program or in need of information about how to create positive and inclusive environments. …More







Health Benefits of Physical activity for Girls and Women 
This research project was conceived as a starting point to accumulate the relevant information regarding the health benefits and risks of physical activity for girls and women. Specific attention was also paid to the place of marginalized women within the research. Click here to download a PDF (727 KB)




Girls In the Game
A motivating poster, with photos of girls and women participating in sports and physical activity. Poster measures 26.5 “ x 10” (Locker size).
Stock # – GIG-4
Cost – Free

ACTive Downloads

Key Sport Messages
Some examples of sport’s valuable contribution to Canada, prepared by Sport Matters.
PDF (204 KB) || Word (54 KB) |
Healthy revolutions: promoting cycling among women
This paper describes international data that challenge the assumption that cycling is an inherently genderised activity.
PDF (228 KB) |
Revolutions for Women
A 3-year research project evaluating initiatives for increasing women’s participation in cycling.
PDF (428 KB) |

On the Move Stats

Stats & Facts (OTM Handbook – Chapter 2)
Dealling with the issues. Supporting gender equity requires financial, facility and human resources.
PDF (44KB) |
Top 10 Success Factors for Recreation Practitioners
Wondering what you can do to increase the participation of girls and young women? Here’s 10 easy suggestions.
PDF (15 KB) |
Top 10 Success Factors for Educators
Wondering what you can do to increase the participation of female students in your classroom? Here’s 10 easy suggestions.
PDF (15 KB) |

VIEWS Downloads

Positive Messaging for Girls and Young Women
Making a difference in the lives of girls and young women can be easy.
PDF (36 KB) |
Women in Sport FAQ
Answers to many questions you may have about women in sport.
PDF (99 KB) |
Successful Speaking Tips
Helpful tips to make you a better public speaker.
PDF (428 KB) |
Words for Wise Women
All speakers share the same goal – clear communication. Do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when speaking on behalf of women.
PDF (73 KB) |
How Parents Can Encourage Girls To Play Sport
Tips to get involved and active with your girls.
PDF (93 KB) |