LGBTQI2S Inclusion in Sport

LTW_cover2017Leading the Way: Working with LGBTQ Athletes and Coaches—Newly revised in 2017 with the support of Sport Canada and in partnership with AthletesCAN and the Coaching Association of Canada, CAAWS’ ground-breaking resource – Leading the Way: Working with LGBTQ Athletes and Coaches—is a practical resource for coaches and other sport leaders to create welcoming, inclusive teams. This second edition still reflects the voices of Canadian LGBTQ and cisgender athletes and coaches, but now includes the Canadian results of the international Out on the Fields Study on Homophobia in Sport (2015), as well as the recent guidance to sport organizations on creating inclusive environments for trans identities released by the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport (2016).




Download the resources:

  1. Leading the Way: Executive Summary 2017 -English .pdf, 613 KB
  2. Montrer le chemin : Sommaire analytique 2017 -Français .pdf, 623 KB
  3. Leading the Way: Working with LGBTQ Athletes and Coaches 2017 .pdf, 2.6 MB
  4. Montrer le chemin : Travailler avec des athlètes et des entraîneurs LGBTQ 2017 .pdf, 2.7 MB
  5. Pride logos:
  6. 2018 IDAHO BLOG – Leading the Way: Working with LGBTQI2S Athletes and Coaches. by Jennifer Birch-Jones, CAAWS Program Lead for LGBTQI2S Sport Inclusion.