Gender issues in sport have been top of mind this summer. Stories about the folding of the CWHL, the U.S. Women’s National soccer team’s fight for equal pay, continued discrimination against Caster Semenya, and Bianca Andreescu’s US Open win have all encouraged conversation about how we treat women and girls who play and lead in the sport world. 

A more equitable world is a better world for all of us, and one we must all play a role in creating if people of all genders are to feel truly welcome in sport. There is a cost to ignoring gender equity, and a huge opportunity in embracing it.

#EveryoneBenefits when sport leaders, administrators, coaches, and athletes prioritize inclusion. Here are three ways that you can help to advance gender equity in sport:

  1. Read about the difference between equity and equality. It may seem subtle, but it’s a crucial shift to focus on prioritizing the needs of the most excluded. Equality gives us all the same starting line; equity gets us all to the same finish line.
  1. Understand how to be an effective ally. There are lots of ways men and boys can support and make space for women and girls in sport. Women and girls also need to be allies for each other. Everyone experiences different barriers to accessing sport, such as race, income, gender identity, ability, and sexual orientation. Watch this video to learn more about how to be an ally!
  1. When you’re evaluating gender equity in your organization, look beyond the numbers. It’s about more than having a women’s and a men’s team or having 50/50 gender representation on your board. Understanding the experiences of women and girls in your organization is essential. Do they feel included? If you don’t know, find out!

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