This free webinar—Women on Boards: For Organizations (Nov 30th) —will provide insightful information on how to create an inclusive Board culture, on the value of women on your Board, and on strategies to assist in overcoming some of the challenges and recruiting more women.

Studies show that diverse Boards make better decisions and increase organizational performance. Increasing female representation on Boards is a key way to drive these outcomes. CAAWS is committed to supporting organizations in becoming more equitable at the Board level and to realizing these benefits.

This webinar is for you, if you:

  • Work or volunteer with a sport organization
  • Represent a Board that wants to add more women and needs help recruiting
  • Represent an organization/Board that needs some convincing of the value of having more women on their Board

CAAWS offers this webinar in both English and French.

Listen to our latest webinar in English.

Listen to our latest webinar in French.

Book your own presentation
You can book a Women on Boards presentation to be delivered to your Board, organization or sport! Contact caaws@caaws.ca for details.

Dive deeper
These presentations are supported by CAAWS’ “Women on Boards: A Guide to Getting Involved”. The guide demystifies the workings of Boards and strives to improve recruitment and retention of women as Board members by: describing why Boards need more women; providing advice on how to find a suitable Board to join, and how to secure a position on it; providing straightforward descriptions of typical Board roles, terminology and processes; and, identifying challenges that may be faced by women serving on Boards, and proposing strategies for addressing them.
Download Women on Boards: A Guide to Getting Involved for free!

CAAWS is grateful to Sport Canada for their support of this initiative.