Resources for Sport Organizations

CAAWS can help your organization achieve a gender equitable board. If you need support you don’t see available here, reach out through the Contact Us page.

Six actions you can take to create change:

  1. Download our Women in Sport Leadership 2019 Snapshot (PDF 200 KB)  to gain insight into the national landscape.
  2. Download our new guide, Good Practices for Creating Gender-Equitable Boards in Sport (PDF 7.8 MB) to see how other organizations are driving change.
  3. Register for one of our 2018-2019 Women on Boards Webinars, featuring industry leaders from across Canada. Sample past webinars are also available online.
  4. Book a presentation for your organization to generate discussion and identify constructive actions to take. Contact CAAWS to learn more. Presentations are approximately 30-45 minutes long, can be delivered in person or via webinar, and are available in English and in French. Our experienced facilitators across the country can deliver two different presentations:
    • An organization-focused webinar that addresses how to create an inclusive board culture, the value of adding women to your board, and strategies to recruit more women
    • A women-focused webinar that addresses how to navigate the challenges of accessing a board position, succeeding in the role, and creating your own personal leadership plan.
  5. Search for qualified female candidates through the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD).
    • The ICD offers a free board matching service for organizations recruiting board members. In this process, ICD sends out a targeted email to candidates who have expressed interest in a particular type of board, informing them of the opportunity, what skills are being sought, how to apply, and the application deadline. This service may be used to target diversity in the boardroom and provide an evergreen pool of female/diverse directors from which to choose. Organizations can also send their board postings to the ICD directly to share with ICD members.
  6. Access additional insights and best practices: