Why Women 55-70+

The 55-70+ age group is one of the fastest growing populations in Canada and will be increasing substantially over the next 20 years. These women, although over age 55, do not consider themselves ‘seniors’ or ‘older adults’ as they feel they are far too young for that. These women are also looking to continue what they did or do (e.g. basketball or hockey) but they do not want to play with the younger women- they want something for them and at the moment there is currently not a lot offered or even considered in most communities throughout Canada.

With this population growing steadily it is important that women 55-70+, the new ‘young seniors’, are able to participate in a host of activities designed with their needs in mind. By understanding the needs of women 55-70+, stakeholders (recreation, urban planning, public health, private industry, etc.) will better serve this diverse group at a time that it is so important for them to be active.

Check out this fun animated video that highlights some barriers and solutions to getting women 55-70+ more physically active.

Important things to Consider:

  • Diverse Group of Women: Some women are working, some women have part‑time jobs, some are retired, and some have never been part of the workforce. Some women have responsibilities for aging parents or for grandchildren. Others may have children that are still in school.
  • Health Status: It is a time when women start to see changes in their health status. Fifty percent of women over the age of 65 have either arthritis or high blood pressure. Instructors and coaches need to plan accordingly for this.
  • Baby Boom Generation: Women 55 to 70+ are baby boomers — the largest segment of the Canadian population. With a growing older population and a shrinking younger population, women in this age group need to take responsibility for their own health and prepare for the future.
  • Incredible Transition: This is a time of incredible transition so it is impossible to develop a “one size fits all” approach.