Women and Leadership

Through hosting a CAAWS workshop or presentation, you’re helping build knowledge and competence within your organization, sport or community to successfully engage girls and women as participants and leaders. Whether you are just starting the conversation or taking it to the next level, these sessions offer easy solutions to help you meet your goals.

All workshops and presentations are delivered by CAAWS’ expert facilitators and presenters located across Canada. They can be delivered in both English and French and are priced to be accessible to organizations of all sizes.

For more information on any of the workshops or presentations described below or to book your own, contact caaws@caaws.ca

Women and Leadership Workshops 

1.5 or 3 hours each 

A series of six professional development workshops that blend theory with practical applications, and provide an opportunity for women working or volunteering in the sport or physical activity sector to share their experiences, reflect on ideas, develop their skills, and build their networks. Sessions include:

  • Effective Communication

In the workplace, effective communication is the foundation for better job performance and relationship building. After this workshop participants will be more strategic and efficient in their communication.

  • Conflict Resolution

Conflict, in its many forms, is an inevitable part of our personal and professional lives. This workshop will ensure participants can understand and resolve conflict professionally.

  • Influencing Change

Whether influencing change in your organization, across the sport and physical activity system, or more broadly in society, this workshop will provide participants with theory and practical tools for success.

  • Creating Work-Life Balance

For many women, balancing the demands of work, family, friends, and personal time is a challenge. This workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to explore a variety of strategies to add more balance to their lives.

  • Effective Networking

Strong networking skills can be a valuable tool, both personally and professionally. From building organizational partnerships to knowing about upcoming events, building your network is a long-term investment with great payoffs.

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  • Leading with Confidence (2 hours)

This interactive workshop is designed to uplift the skills of the next generation of Canadian sport leaders – university and college aged young women involved in sport and physical activity (e.g. varsity athletes, kinesiology or sport management students). Participants will explore the experiences of female leaders, reflect on the value of sport and physical activity in their leadership journey, and consider how they can further develop their skills to be strong leaders now and in the future.

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Women on Boards Presentations

30 – 45 minutes each

CAAWS is committed to increasing the number of women on Boards in the sport and physical activity system. To support organizations in becoming more equitable at the board level and to support women to successfully access opportunities to lead, CAAWS developed the following two presentations:

  • Organization/Board Focused

The audiences for this presentation are: men and women who are working or volunteering with sport organizations; Boards who want to add more women to their Board and need help recruiting women; and Organizations/Boards that need some convincing of the value of having more women on their Board. This presentation will provide insightful information on how to create an inclusive Board culture, on the value of women on your Board and on strategies to assist in overcoming some of the challenges and recruiting more women.

  • Women Focused

The audience for this presentation is women who may be interested in getting on a sport Board or women who are on a Board but want to move to a higher-level Board. The session also provides information for women who are considering giving back by becoming a mentor for other women. This presentation will provide motivating information on the value and importance of women on Boards, strategies to navigate the challenges involved in accessing a Board position and then succeeding in the role, as well as ideas to create your own personal leadership plan to take on a Board role.

Both of these presentations can be delivered in-person or as a webinar.

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